Appendicitis preventive surgery

On Monday they operate mre for appendicitis, as prevention of a potential risk, facing the South Pole expedition.

I don’t have any pain, I am perfectly healthy, and I have not any symptom that can worry me.

Although it seems crazy, la lot of people who does extreme activities have done it as a prevention action:  Ocean sailors, workers at oil platforms, alpinists, astronauts, etc… and, obviously, expeditionary, workers or scientists staying for long periods at the Antarctica.

I have it in mind since some years ago, and I have some few nearby cases which died or were very near to die due to a peritonitis (when it inflames and exploits the appendix ).

Despite the Probabilities that are little, our Expedition involves many days of exposure to this risk, and if were evacuated, the media time is from 2 to 4 days… and with a peritonitis, you die in that time! And with the adventures I have in mind for next years, I would be in similar situations quiet soon.

Although it may seem the contrary, I do not like the risk itself.  I love ambitious projects and some time extreme projects, and that means sometimes having to assume risk to achieve them.  But everything that can be under control, is better to anticipate… after, once in the middle of the war, we will have to manage our resources  to over come some critical situations.

Those adventure projects require a great commitment in a lot of ways.

And as always, the theory is very nice, but is what counts: On Monday I enter the operating room, I operate with total anesthesia, I’ll be several days in the hospital, and a couple of quiet weeks without training… Mamma: I’m afraid!!

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