Carles Gel and Albert Bosch with GRIFONE


We have closed a technical sponsorship deal with GRIFONE, a first level Spanish manufacturer of technical clothing for mountain and expeditions.

Through this collaboration, this will be our official supplier of the entire wardrobe for this adventure, and will solve us a crucial part of this project, since many pieces of clothing are not the standards of the catalog, and have been manufactured specifically for us in order to face the Antarctic extreme conditions.

Working in a regular temperature range from -10°C to -30ºC, with peaks around -5ºC and bottoms around -45 º C, with frequent ultra violent winds, very demanding lightness requirements and ease of mass movement, has driven us to choose the quality and functionality of the products GRIFONE.

Note that this here is a little difference from an expedition to a 8.000m. peak.  In a high mountain, there are few moments that require maximum performance with respect to the equipment of the climbers, but instead in an environment like Antarctica, this requirement is constant for 100% of the hours that lasts the entire expedition. So choosing well this section is a fundamental step towards the success of the project and about the health of their players.

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