Award given by Carles Ventura (Director of Banc Sabadell)

The journal "Mundo Deportivo", awarded me for the  best sports-human feat of 2011 during the 2012 Champions Gala, held on Monday 23th. in Barcelona.

It was the second time I summoned this important event in the Catalan sports world.  The first time was for the same feat, for the reason of being the first team in history that completed the Dakar rally driving a car only with hands, because on the year 2000 Pep Busquets was the first disabled person in achieving this challenge, when I was his copilot.

It is a recognition that fills me with pride, especially since the other winners were younger on the one hand, and on the other had are talented athletes in a very particular discipline. And it shows that while talent is very important, work, effort, planning, perseverance and having clear concepts, can also make us stand out in the environment of sport in general, and the ambitious and adventurous projects in concrete.

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