Writing a POST for the website sine the tent.

One of my priorities when I face an adventure it is to extract intense learnings on attitude and human behavior from pure action and experienced in emergency or very intense situations.

After that, the next step is to conceptualize these lessons and share them with others through lectures, articles, books or this website.

The communication exercise is a part that excites me especially around this issue, and every day I work it more seriously and with greater passion.

I love giving lectures and being able to share directly my concepts, my experiences and my own energy.

Writing is becoming for me a real passion / purpose. I collaborate with some publications making timely opinion pieces. In 2010 I launched my own first book called "Spirit of Adventure – The 7 challenges of the entrepreneur," where I make a parallel between the figures of the entrepreneur and the adventurer.

In late February, they will launch the APP version of this book, but in an expanded book format (Enhanced E-book), which allows to supplement it with videos of interviews with sport adventurers and entrepreneurs adventurers and other attractive and interesting content.

Right now I’m talking to two publishers to close a project of a new book to be published later this year or early 2013.

And the blog / web project of the South Pole (www.polosur1911-2011) was followed by a total of 48,000 different people.

In short, I can say that the adventures have made me enjoy and learn a lot by themselves, and also allowed me to move in a new aspect very interesting and intense through the disclosure of all that I bring.

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