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Last Friday I was invited to eat and visit "La Masia" of FC Barcelona (School and residence for young future players), ​​on the occasion of the preparation of a lecture that will give to future cracks of different sports on 20 March.

Obviously I prefer this Club to win normally because it is the flagship club of Catalonia, but I am not passionate of the club and the football in general. In fact, I can say that in the last 20 years, I have only seen one whole match, and it was the last ‘Barça-Real Madrid’ of the King’s Cup, because I was invited to the Presidential Tribune. I do not have any problem with football at all, but it happens that I am a very bad spectator, it is not one of my favorite sports, and on the other side, I do not fit very well with this concept of ‘almost religion’ where is installed the way to understanding this show for a large majority of people.

But on the other hand, I must admit that FC Barcelona has very strong values ​​that differentiate it from many other clubs in its class.  And among them, the concept of ‘La Masia’ is the one I like more. It is an example for all, that an entity or a board, spend so much effort today to prepare the future and to enhance the new generations. Work for fruits that will not collect the same who sow them, is a great example of a great value in our society, and demonstrates highly profitable at all levels in the case of Barca’s youth system.

For these reasons, I am really excited for doing this lecture to this group of talented young people who are very committed to their passion since very early age, and strive for his target, with a lot of discipline, ambition, work and all kinds of sacrifices. Some will reach its ultimate goal of being a figure of his sport, while others fall by the wayside, but all will have shared values ​​and a work that will be useful to them for life.

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