Christmas day on Pepe Luis table

A tribute to all fans of the website during the recent South Pole expedition.

One of the most active followers, leaving me very emotional, really horny and quality messages, was Josep Lluis Garcia (Pepeluis for friends).

He said he had put the computer with a picture of me at the family table on Christmas Day, and now he confirmed to me, with the picture that heads this post. Yesterday I sent a mail saying: "Due to writing at your blog and see that there was a hit on my posts, I have launched to write in my blog".

The address is: http://iamtipet.blogspot.com/2012/02/fets-reals-histories-ficticies-final.html, and I encourage you to follow Josep Luis, because writes very well, containing powerful contents, and fine and intelligent humor.

Therefore, this text serves to thank him personally, on behalf of all the people who let me hundreds of messages of support during the adventure to the frozen continent. I’m glad that someone has been encouraged to blog from having experienced the pleasure of writing on our South Pole web.

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