With the craks of LA MASIA of F.C.Barcelona (Photo: Àlex Caparrós - FCB)

With Jordi Cardoner (Vice president of Barça), Carles Folguera (Director La Masia), and two members of the Board of the F.C.B.  (Photo: Àlex Caparrós - FCB)

Last Thursday I was giving a lecture on "La Masia" (FC Barcelona’s sports school), for future cracks of different sports that are played there.

Although I am not a real football fan, I was happy to participate in this event, particularly since the concept of "La Masia" is a great example both within the sport world, and in general for the society. Investing today in training, values ​​and culture of effort, for guys who have to provide much in the future, is what should always be done by any organisation, institution, company or government.

Sharing a good time and my views on attitude and leadership to a very special group of young people was a great experience.

Working with this group is very interesting, because although at "La Masia" they all have the same goal, which is to achieve the highest possible level within each sport, children or young people there, start from completely different situations. Various socio-economic situations, and cultures, and radically diverse geographic origins. Approximately 1/3 of them are Catalan, 1/3 from the rest of Spain, and one third of the rest of the world, completing 15 different countries in total. Imagine how rich it can be in cultural and experience concepts,  but imagine also the difficulty of managing such a heterogeneous group with such powerful talents.

I will have to save the group photo that made me, for surely some of the guys that come in it will be idols of mass within a few years.

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