With Martí Batalla, partner and General Manager of GRIFONE

After having GRIFONE sponsorship for the equipment of the expedition to the South Pole, now we have consolidated our relationship, and I signed as a member of "GRIFONE TEAM", which have high level mountain athletes.

Like this I can have the excellent material of this brand, working closely with them both in developing and promoting it. Members of the "Grifone Team", mountaineers, climbers, runners and mountain skiers are people who, ahead of all, believe in the brand, use it in the most extreme situations, and participate in the design to improve it and make it more useful.

GRIFONE is a Spanish brand, based in the heart of Catalan Pyrenees, highly specialized in alpinism and high-level mountain sports, which has been designing and manufacturing its products with passion for 30 years, with a philosophy and values ​​that like very much: Make users feel more human, more environmentally responsible, more authentic and, above all else, free by nature.

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  1. Michel 18 April, 2012 at 16:17

    Que suerte…por lo menos a ti no te cobraran sus prendas a precio de oro como nos las intentan cobrar a los demas…

  2. Francesc Comellas 12 April, 2012 at 13:36

    Una noticia excel·lent Albert, aquesta gent ho fant molt bé, soc usuari dels seus productes des de fa molt anys, treballant fi i son de casa, podràs estar a amb l’elit, com la meva amiga Edurne Pasaban, el gran Ramon Larramendi o el Jorge Egocheaga, molt bé.


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