Finalist for Catalan of the Year

For my surprise, entered the top 10 finalists for the prize "Catalan of the Year 2011" In addition, all last week I was located between the 3rd. and 4th place in the overall ranking.

This selection works by popular vote, and I can only thank all who have been voting me, for the recognition and support they are giving me with this participation.

I am very excited by the fact of making a decent role in this competition, where there are people of great prestige among the selected candidates and among the winners of previous editions. On the other hand I feel a little bit uncomfortable in the middle of so valuable people that probably deserves the prize more than me.

I guess that if I have any merit for this prize, is the fact that I represent quite a large group of people who, without being touched by a special talent in life, they are willing to fight and strive to try to move ahead on and realize their dreams. Because normal people can also do special things.

On Sunday, the newspaper "El Periódico" published a full page interview. You can read it in the following LINK: "I was very cold, there was a risk, I was suffering, but I was happy"

From now on candidates with fewest votes will be phased out to be only three ahead of the final to be decided at a gala to be held on May 22nd. You can vote for the candidate you like in the web:


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