Lecture May 7th. - Vic University

Next Monday May 7th. at 12 a.m. I give an open lecture at the Main Hall of the Vic University,  entitled "Management of an adventure," where I will speak about how to manage big projects in live, whether on the personal, professional or sports side.

In fact, I have a week filled with lectures of different types:

– Thursday, May 3rd. – 8:30 am: HEWLETT PACKARD World Convention at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. (Private Conference).

– Thursday, May 3rd. – 21h: AIJEC+ Event (Young Entrepreneurs Association of Catalonia) (Conference by invitation)

– Friday May 4th. – 21h: Rotary International Convention in the Barcelona Polo Club (Private Conference)

– Saturday May 5th. – 12h45: XVII Economic Journey of Solsona. (Open Conference) More info: CLICK HERE

– Monday, May 7th. – 12 pm: University of Vic (Open Conference)

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