I have a week full of conferences. I highlight one in Seva, open to everybody, about sustainable living.

On Sunday 27 at 18pm in Seva, I will speak about "Sustainable Leadership". Each of us has an important leadership capacity at whatever level: In the personal side,  or professional, business, social, etc.. And as leaders we are all of our own life, we must be aware that our actions involve reactions. And if we focus on sustainable actions that respect the environment, we all collaborate to have a better planet for future generations. The great politicians, big business and big ideas are important. But our individual action is also a key factor, and we must be aware of and engaged.

Apart from this lecture, this week I will also participate in the following events:

– Monday 21 – 19h: IV HUMAN FACTOR AWARD MERCÈ SALA under the motto "We are part of the solution.".  Event held in the Auditorium of the CaixaForum in Barcelona, ​​and hosted by journalist Manuel Fuentes.

– Wednesday 23 – 12h: EXPOMANAGEMENT. One of the most powerful leadership events that are made in Europe. It is organized in the Congress Palace of Campo de las Naciones in Madrid.

– Thursday 24 – 21h: AMPA Association of Vic, talking about how to apply the Spirit of Adventure and ambitious project management to the education and the inculcation of values ​​to children.

– Saturday 26 – 12h: National Convention of the "ENGINEERS BANK". A pleasure to participate in an act of a small bank, serious, super healthy, moderate and very well managed. ESADE’s Auditorium in Barcelona.

– Sunday 27 – 18h: Fair SUSTAINABLE SEVA. Already mentioned before, and more information on the poster attached.


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