Team POWERBAR Spain (Vic Sport)

With Josep Coromines in POWERBAR Spain's warehouse


We have closed a sponsorship agreement with the brand POWERBAR, which will provide me energy at least through 2014.

I am very picky about everything about eating supplements of any kind, and I hate to swallow anything but the highest quality, and is not sure that only brings good things for my performance and my health. Too often in the sports world there is people who does not get any health or ethical limit in this area, just ignoring or disregarding everything they put into theirs bodies.

I am a long time consumer of POWERBAR energy products, and working directly with them now is an honor that allows me also to have the best products for the sport to a high level demanding.

POWERBAR products provide a varied assortment, powerful and with very good tastes, and they are also backed by the high quality of the owner brand: NESTLE .

And if I have always been a user and fan of these products after they formed part of my success at the expedition of Antarctica, they have become an indispensable companion of all my adventures.

To the whole team of POWERBAR: Thank you for your trust, congratulations on your products, and hope to share many adventures with you in the future.

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