The AMBIT model from SUUNTO

The AMBIT in black and in white color

I just incorporate as new "Ambassador" at SUUNTO. This is the name they use for athletes who represent their brand, which will enable me to test their technology devices wrist in my adventures, subjecting them to the rigors of the most extreme places on the planet where I go for any of my challenges.

The model AMBIT will be now a fix part of my equipment. This unit has a built-in GPS, many important functions for my activities, and an attractive and very comfortable design for any type of use.

Founded in 1936, Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision instruments and solutions for diving and outdoor sports. Suunto products guide and motivate professional athletes and enthusiasts who value design, accuracy and reliability. Suunto is headquartered in Vantaa (Finland), has over 500 employees worldwide, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries.

For me it is a great opportunity to work with this brand, as this allows me to always have the best technology in such an important tool for my challenges, while it fits perfectly with the values ​​and approach that I develop in my Outdoor activities.


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