TAGA EVO 2.040 en

Running the TAGA EVO 2.040 (Photo Marc Cargol and Carles Martínez)

Today I ran one of the best mountain races in the calendar: the "TAGA EVO 2040 ", XI Catalan Cup.

It was held in my town, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, and consisted of a beautiful journey that combined both high mountain, and forest trails, crosses meadows and forest tracks, allowing also to enjoy spectacular views on a sunny day and perhaps even too hot.

In total we have 27km. totaling 1940 positive meters of altitude.

It would have been a great day if I had not felt really bad on my energy level.  Even that, I could finish the race in the first half, ranked 225 overall within 500 runners

It’s those days when you have to concentrate to think if you really enjoyed or not. At the end the conclusion is that I have not enjoyed during the test, but I have a feeling of great pleasure for having played and, above all, for having finished despite being broken.

And excuses aside, the most important thing is to realize that I was not well prepared, and that these endurance races can not be crushed if I haven’t trained enough and I don’t feel perfect.

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  1. tri 24 September, 2012 at 23:19

    Ja quedarem i ens posarem les piles!!

  2. Francesc Comellas 16 September, 2012 at 23:49

    Ànims Albert, una prova més de que quant les cames no tiren, el poder de la ment és invencible, res, doncs a entrenar més i amb la vista posada al Pol Nord. Salut.

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