LAND LIVE - Connect with Nature

I fully support and actively participate in the "European Week Land Stewardship: Connect with nature " within the European project LANDLIFE

Through my adventure activities I have a direct, experiential, and almost carnal contact with the nature of the fantastic but often delicate and threatened places I visit around the world. This has led me to feel a very deep love for nature, and to commit myself with the respect to our planet.  I try to connect all my personal, professional and sports actions in my life with this purpose.

Look at his website and I encourage you to participate in the activities, and especially the joy of meeting the little pleasures that provides the contact with nature, and the values ​​this means for our world.

I want to live connected with nature because I want to live connected to life, and because I love the world and working for the of everyone’s future, further of my particular interest.

Just Connect.

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