CHANCE (Camila Vargas)

Just starting a new adventure. An intense, exciting, expansive and rewarding adventure. And an adventure we want to share with you all. Do you join us?

But this is not a sports project.  This is a human and music adventure, born from the relationship with Camila Vargas following the expedition to the summit of Everest in 2010.

Camila, who artfully chose the name of CHANCE, has immense energy and a huge musical talent. And is a great example of perseverance of someone who pursues his dreams despite having very difficult circumstances in life.

Different physical problems that have accompanied him throughout life, have led her to have been twice transplanted lung. But despite having reduced lung capacity, his passion for music has led her to be an excellent songs writer and singer.

After editing the first song titled "I can get it ", now we have decided to do a whole album together with a very powerful video-clip. And this is the adventure you want to share with you.

Here we propose really "Entrepreneur" a project in many ways. We do not want selfless contributions. We want partners who believe that it is worth investing a little on a project where we will draw some revenues certainly important at energy level and happiness, and that possibly we can take back the money and, why not, even earn some or much.

The minimum contribution is set at 100 €, but everyone can choose their level of investment. You can see all the information in the specific project’s website we have prepared:

We promise positive energy and hard work to make the CHANCE project succeed. We do not know where we can reach, but we know that just launch into it, we have reached an important part of success.

Do you share this adventure with us?

Together "We Can Do It"

You can listen to the song "Lo Puedo Conseguir" CLICKING HERE

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