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Poster South Pole Documentary Film

The presentation in commercial cinemas of the documentary "2304400 steps" about the South Pole expedition has been a great success.

On Thursday September 20th. was played the first sponsored commercial screening of the film, and there were 40 people left on the street because it had assigned a room of only 100 seats.

The following Thursday 27th, the direction of the cinema moved it to the largest room with a capacity for 300 people, and was almost completely filled.

Next Thursday October 4th. it will remain in the big room and attendance is also expected to be very good.

These three passes have been sponsored by "Caja de Ingenieros", and the public had no admission charge.

I myself and Joan Riedweg, director and producer of the film, we have attended the each screening, which allowed us to make a brief conversation with the audience.

We don’t know the full potential of diffusion that we can give to the documentary, but the reality is that we are very encouraged because public’s reactions have always been very good, and we believe that we have managed to convey very well the human side behind this challenge.

To all those who feel like to see it, you are invited next Thursday at 20h in cinema Girona (C / Girona, 175 – Barcelona)

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