H2Optima is an entrepreneurial project in which I participate, and I am particularly proud.

I joined this company when they were developing the first prototype of an autonomous and transportable water treatment for salt, saline or contaminated water, leading a a small group of private investors who thought their money could achieve the objective of obtaining benefits, while participating in an initiative that would provide social and environmental prosperity.

Now the company has already made its first sales, all overseas, in countries as diverse as Haiti, Malaysia and Indonesia; and it seems that, even with many risks and obstacles ahead, the project is quite well focused.

I say that I am particularly proud to be part of all H2Optima partners helped because I contribute to create technology and occupation in my country, while the product covers  essential social needs (access to potable water in remote areas, underdeveloped countries or emergency needs), and does it in a completely ecologic way, using only renewable energy (solar panels)

A clear example is the recent sale of a contaminated water treatment unit to a German NGO to be installed in a Haitian orphanage.

If you want to see a report recently issued by TV3, CLICK HERE (In catalan)

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