Vivir para sentirse vivo

Viure per sentir-se viu

Launched my new book entitled "Living to feel alive" with the subtitle "2,304,400 steps until the end of the world"

The book traces the story of my expedition to the South Pole, but not for the purpose of explaining the adventure details, but to extract the reflections and lessons that an extreme challenge that can bring us in order to manage our projects, both personal and professional, athletic, social, cultural, etc.

Extreme experiences allows us to go to the core and essence of our existence, avoiding many superfluous things that contaminate us from day to day, and make a calm reflection on the key factors that affect the management of our goals.

In the book "Living to feel alive" you will find stories about a singular adventure, but also an inner journey and, if read in key of personal philosophy, you will reach some unexplored part of yourself, and make an exciting reflection on your own leadership and our ability to perform extraordinary actions even though  the vast majority of us we have ordinary talents.

Life is a great project, the most important for us, but it’s so long, complex and unpredictable, that although we can or want to view it, is always beyond our control. But if we attend it with a more concrete and simplified look, we see that is composed of the sum of all the projects we’re doing during our journey through this world. And each of these projects are under our responsibility. We are the leaders of each project we choose to make, and we must face them with full conscience to decide if we persevere, if we fight the most, if we enjoy every step; or whether on the contrary, we are not happy in that way and we must resign or rectify.

Life in general and the main objectives are focused from large powerful ideas or strategies, but then they are played in the everyday live, in every step. So I dedicate this compendium of thoughts accumulated during 2,304,400 steps to reach the South Pole. Because existing is not enough, and life is about living to feel fully alive.

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