On May 22 is the International Day of Biodiversity, and WORLD NATURE Foundation presents the campaign "S.O.S. NATURE" to raise awareness and fight for the preservation of natural areas and endangered species while continuing to develop cooperation programs, advocacy, outreach and education about our natural areas.

Arcadi Alibés (journalist), Araceli Segarra (Mountaineer) and myself, we will  lead the campaign, which will focus on all the values ​​discussed in general, and more specifically in the Pyrenees bear conservation.

Those who have been able to see and experience many special places of our planet, we must witness its beauty, while its fragility and vulnerability. And we need to do our bit for everyone to realize that we can not live away from nature and just squeezing and abusing her constantly.

We all have our share of responsibility in order to avoid our children not to find a worse world than we inherited. This is my main commitment, which I have gained throughout my adventures, because nature itself has shown me and asked me to do it. If I had only climbed or crossed mountains, jungles, deserts or polar regions, for my personal enjoyment or to have some cool photos to show others, without having learned that nature is something to love and, therefore, to respect, it would have been a supreme act of selfishness and human stupidity. This trip served me, mainly, to commit absolutely to our mother nature.

And so, working with an organization like WORLD NATURE, who works every day with discretion and efficiency to provide tangible, concrete benefits to our natural areas, makes me really proud, and gives meaning to many of the things I do, I learn, and that I will try to make in the immediate future.

Because as Albert Einstein said, the world is in danger, but not because of those who do evil, but because of those who do nothing to prevent it.

I encourage everyone to visit this organization and join us in S.O.S. NATURE campaign that starts just this week.

For more information. CLICK HERE

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