This will be the French title of my latest book "LIVING TO FEEL ALIVE"

This week we signed the contract for the rights for the French-language book, with the publishing group HACHETTE, leader in France and French speaking countries, and segond-larger publisher in the world.

It will be the first time I will have a book published in another language other than Spanish or Catalan, and it makes me especially excited. And not because of the symbolic fact of being translated into another language, but because it shows that the content of the book may not be too bad, since a foreign leader publisher invests money in a Spanish book; at they don’t do it because the character or the story behind is more or less known, but because the text is considered enough quality.

Therefore, in few months the book will be on the French market. The next challenge is that this book or any future book will be translated into any other language and, ideally, of course, into English.



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