With the Fototec model

Happy to look at new landscapes

Just joining the eyewear brand "TIFOSI " … the sports eyewear brand that is sweeping the USA, which will be in Spanish stores since next September (Distributed by Creixams-Sporttotal,S.L.)

I am delighted with these glasses: A super cool design, original models, maximum quality of the frame and the glass, and a worldly price.

Their quality is on par with that brand "so trendy" we all know, which is too expensive for most of us, the price is totally affordable (From 40 to 100€ depending on model). That’s the reason for their success in the United States, reaching impressive market shares: 65% at running specialty stores and 40% of bike shops.

I thank the brand trust choosing me as one of its "Ambassadors" in Spain, and I sincerely suggest them to you.

If "Tifosi" means "Fan" in Italian, I declare myself a fan of Tifosi glasses, through whose glasses I’ll watch many brutal landscapes in the coming years.

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