Quite an honor for me that such a reference platform like NATURA-MEDIO AMBIENTAL has posted a summary of my Adventure Track and its evolution towards a commitment to reflection, action and dissemination of attitudes of respect for the environment.

I like a quote from Muhammad Ali says that "if a person thinks the same at 20 than at age 50, he lost 30 years of his life." So I apply it and I think that if I have not changed my values ​​and commitment to nature after so many years of performing extreme adventures in it, is that I’ve lost 90% of what I could get and learn from these experiences .

The whole article CLICKING HERE

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  1. Rafel i Anna 1 October, 2013 at 12:01 - Reply

    Gran entrevista amb forts matiços del teu creixement com a persona i compromis amb el Medi Natural.

    Felicitats per les teves definicions i per posar-te al servei del comun del humans per què reflexionin.

    Rafel i Anna.

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