As a vital Adventurer, passionate for new challenges, I have always said that I would love to have the opportunity to travel into space, and I’ve done a lot of times the joke that if a UFO appeared in one of my trips, and extraterrestrial invites me up, I wouldn’t hesitate .

We have to be very careful with what we say or think, because life is so curious that some time can propose us some challenges according to our words or thoughts.

Last July I had knowledge of an astronaut selection program open to all people by the company MARS ONE, in order to go to Mars in 2023, with no return ticket … It means, to stay there to live (or die) for the rest of their days.

Both the selection, the journey and the stay on Mars, will be broadcast live on television, similar to the "Big Brother" TV program. Promoters say it will be the most spectacular media event in history, and this will also be a key point in order to finance the project, which will amount about 6,000 million Euros .

The organizers are getting tens of thousands of requests (and each one pays 25€ to finance the initial phase, and to filter out not really interested people) . In July 2015 they plan to have selected 24 finalists, in order to choose the 4 firsts travelers to Mars.  Later on, every two years, 2 more astronauts will join them.

Some say it is a suicide or an impossible program, others that it is a very interesting challenge and a big step for science and human interplanetary travel; even it is the first step to real space exploration. There are very powerful people and companies behind the project, even endorses it T.Hooft Gerard , a theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner 1999 .

You all can think what you want… but I recognize that for me has been a challenge only being aware of this issue, and having being thinking seriously about it for over two months. Today I write this Post because I have decided not to send the video for the initial application… Even considering myself an adventurer, and being passionate about experimenting and discovering new spaces, challenges and territories in my lifetime, I have to manage my limits, and I am too much in love of my planet, my wife, my family and my roots, that even am willing to face the risks required to go wherever (including, I hope, someday, the outer space), however complex or incredible whatsoever, but whenever I have the chance and the goal of returning home.

What would you do? …

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