In life there is one thing that is really key: Knowing what is creating us a powerful desire and causing excitement to take any action .

I do not know if there is indeed a sexual ‘G-spot’ in women and/or men, but do not think that now I want to speak about sex.  This is another topic, and I only use this concept as a symbol of what really excites us, creates pleasure to us, and gives us vital sense in carrying out a particular activity or project.

Last Friday I gave a lecture in Madrid, and behind me there was talking the psychologist Esteban Solano, relating love, sex, and the ‘G-spot’ with work, and all this led me to this thought:

In everything we do, we should search the ‘G-Spot’, where we should actually find the excitement, the wish, a mad desire to do it, a powerful motivation, the conviction that we cannot avoid to do it, a sense that something has all the meaning for us, for our purpose in life, to what makes us happy. It is the only way to be intimately connected and committed to the project we are doing, being it a sporting, professional, personal, family, social, environmental or cultural…

Any project, whether small or large, have things we might like more, and others we do not like too much or nothing at all. And obviously, we should always look and enhance more the first than the others.

Now you will say: "It is clear, and what so obvious thing says this guy " … And I say: Well, maybe that’s a simple and fairly common expression, but it is not exactly obvious, ladies and gentlemen.  It is not difficult to see that a large majority of people violates this basic principle in most key projects managed in his life.  In all simple but important things in life, what counts is not what we say, but what we do.

How many people are working just to earn money without liking it at all? How many people are living together with a couple without the slightest passion and conviction? How many people are devoting efforts and crucial time of his life to issues that do not really bring happiness to them? How many people does what they are told to do, or what others expect of them, and not what they really want to do?

Why also finding this symbolic ‘G-Point’, does not have to be one time, but must be consistent and durable over time. There is no point starting a project with a lot of excitement and desire, if we are shortly annoyed with it… Being connected with our purpose within each project has to be sustainable over time, or at least for the duration of the commitment with that action.

It is normal that sometimes we find ourselves in a hole or a pit full of shit, but we have to be cool, ambitious and responsible for the leadership of our own life, and understand that our natural state is to be in a hole or in a pit full of shit. We always aim to find the reasons that really create the passion within a project in which we are already or that we have to undertake. This will always be the true energy to move forward, overcome obstacles, recover from failures, be clear about the rhumb and, above all, see that at the end, the trip was worth it.

Just relating this thoughts about ‘G-Point’ with the concept of success and failure, and comment only 3 points for finishing:

1) Obviously, as a pure deduction, we can say that it will be difficult to attain success in any vital project unless we have passionate reasons to develop it.

2) However, the failure can be a great fortune in this case, whether we are working on a project that doesn’t excite us at all, because at least this will give us the opportunity to change and to dedicate ourselves to another project that we desire much more.

3 ) At the end, worst of all, it would be to be successful doing something we do not like at all, which has no sense to us.  Because is very difficult to give up one thing that is going well, and being brave enough to recognize that, in reality, we do not care at all doing it.  And so we can spend a lot of time (years or decades sometimes), while devoting much energy and life time to one thing that will never make us happy.

Think about the times you’ve been really excited by a topic, enjoying the pleasure of doing what you really want most. There you are nearly invincible, and if you’re not invincible and you fail, at least you will always have the belief that you were fighting for something truly important to you.

Therefore, in different projects, personal, professional, sporting or any other type that you are now, or where you want to enter, Do you know where you have the ‘G-spot’?

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