There are excessive gurus, theorists, futurists, economists, and all kinds of speakers, talking a lot about change, the new paradigm and the coming future.

And I wonder: What do they know about the future? Perhaps they only know how to talk  about it and say funny and curious things.  In fact they don’t have any idea about it; nobody knows anything of the future!

History is full of erroneous predictions of the future, often launched by very wise and recognized people. I quote just a few examples to support this argument:

– The untouchable Bill Gates said in 1981 that in the future 640Kb would be enough for a laptop  (He could not foresee the advent of graphical interfaces).

– Harry Warner (one of the "Warner Brothers"), in 1927, wondered who would want to hear actors talking (When sound cinema started).

– The great "New York Times" said in 1936 that a rocket could never leave the Earth’s atmosphere (The former USSR in 1957 managed to overcome the gravity of the earth and put into orbit the first artificial satellite, Sputnik I).

– The "Time" magazine said in 1966 that e-commerce had no future (Today already exceeds a billion dollars annually in the world).

– Or most recently, in 2007, Steve Ballmer (Microsoft Director) stated that the iPhone had no chance to win a significant market share in the mobile market (And already has sold no less than 160 million units worldwide).

– Etc, etc, etc, etc………

Ladies and gentlemen, the best news are that the future is not already written, and our job is to discover it.

We can devote energies to protect the change, building ever higher walls to not let it affect us; or we can devote energies to partner with the change, as a way of transformation and opportunities, to live it as a journey of learning, responsibility, and as intense and exciting experience.
The future is, by definition, change. And it is clear that in the world and the times we live in, this change is huge in terms of size and in terms of speed.   For this reason we have only two choices:  to let us be leaded by the change and try to adapt to it as we can, or to lead it ourselves in all aspects that depend on us.

Me neither, I have no idea what the future will be, but this ignorance and this uncertainty excites me.  How boring and uncreative future would be if we could knew or predict it, isn’t it?  And as an apostle of adventure concept applied to our lives, I am convinced that every time we will need more adventurous attitude to move forward firmly with meaning and happiness in this unexplored future.

Adventurers don’t need to have all the answers to start walking towards a place to go, to discover new horizons, to take on new challenges, to ally with uncertainty as a source of opportunities. They do not need to have fully secured the final objective to move towards it.  They don’t require 100% of the capacities to make way.  Adventurers understand that moving towards the map of our future need enthusiasm, confidence, ambition, intuition, experience, open-minded, eager to learn, willingness to take risk and manage new realities, be prepared to fail, be a team player and solo survivor, and also have a positive attitude to attract good luck.

Nobody knows about the future, but we can face it with fear, getting carried away and focus only in protecting us, or we can approach it as the most exciting adventure that we will live in our life: the adventure of our future.

Have an intense, interesting and happy adventure!

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