Nowadays there is an excessive positivism to approach any project.  There’s an abuse where the conceptual core expressions is that you can achieve whatever we set out, and there are no limits, everything is possible, and you have to live in the moment without worrying intensely about tomorrow, about others, or about the environment , etc. .

Certainly we cannot resign ourselves to do only what it seems to correspond to our economy, physic, social status, age or capacity; and that a persevering attitude and fighting hard, any person is able to put the line of theoretical limits far beyond the boundaries that seem ordinary.  But there is a great distance from this to saying that everything we think or dream is possible to be done… and that is nearly absurd or totally superficial.

LIMITS ALWAYS EXIST. Anyone who says that, maybe he is either a purely provocative theoretical, or has no values to establish a certain red lines, or he is someone who never has become truly committed doing risky things in his life.

I am 47 years old now. ¿Do you think that I can have the purpose, working really hard, to  win a gold medal in marathon?

And you must understand that the limits are not only given by the efforts, sacrifices or risks inherent in a particular project, but also down from our values​​, our relationships or our responsibility.

Broadly, I identify some clear boundaries in the following areas, involved normally in any project :

1) Physical Limits: Should be identified to manage them as far as possible, without risking the health.

2) Risk Limits: Whenever we decide what we will want to assume risk limit in any project (Life, Money, Reputation, Time, Confidence, etc …)

3) Relational Limits : Whenever anyone activates any action that transcend individual person himself, somehow affecting our relational environment, and responsibility to others (personal, family, professional or social).

4) Limits Values​​: Apart from the limits that we find along the way, we also have to put some limits ourselves, sustaining them in our principles and our ethical approach . We need to establish a framework that defines the line of the chosen values ​​for our project .

How proud will we be if we have achieved a certain result, if we know it has been reached without applying any criterion of personal commitment to certain values ​​and with certain ways of understanding the world?

Is it all aloud for a company to make money? Is everything aloud to win the Tour de France? Is it all aloud to conquer any summit? Is it all aloud to win any alections?

Obviously I am a keen supporter of the active attitude, and I think everyone can raise ambitious goals in his life. But to do so, we have to be able to address the really important things in each path, far beyond the effort or physical or mental pain factor, we should always know very well what are our own limits and how we cope .

In any field of our society we have had too many leaders who pursued their goals regardless of anything else, thinking that there were no limits. Now what we need is many people and leaders who want to maximize their skills, be efficient and consider ambitious goals, but leading with responsibility… understanding that there are limits, and that the challenge is, precisely, to manage them.

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