Sons of the Earth

Are you?

Obviously we’ve all been born on planet earth, but not all of us can be considered as "Sons of the Earth".

To feel sons of Mother Earth, we should feel that, we should love her, we should respect her, we should defend her, and we should be committed to her health and wellbeing.

Do you think they can be considered sons of the earth all those that devastate forests (and cultures) to squeeze its resources up to exhaustion? And those who contribute and celebrate the warming of the seas so they can open new navigation routes, and new oil spots? And those who pollute rivers, seas or lakes to produce cheaper? And those who do not care to kill any animal species for their personal benefit (elephants, rhinos, whales, sharks, etc, etc, etc …)? And those who pursue only the economic benefit without the slightest scruple to the environment? And those who only see nature as something to enjoy and consume, without being willing to do for her the slightest effort or sacrifice?… (Unfortunately, this list of questions could be endless)

And … Do you think they are worthy of being treated as sons of the earth all political, business and social leaders, who being perfectly aware of the plight of many natural environments and species take no truly valuable and courageous step, focusing only on the very short term gains at any level (electoral, economic or selfish and immediate personal profit)?

And … Do you think there can you qualified as sons of the earth those millions of citizens, having all possible information and education about this issue, without taking any personal commitment, however small;  consuming with an absolutely unconscious attitude; and treat the subject as if it was just a thing of the leaders, forgetting that these, after all, act in accordance with what the public requires them?

Each of us, in a clear and honest dialogue with ourselves, we should think about this issue and ask some simple but profound questions like the following ones:

1) Do I want to consider myself a son of the earth?

2) What can I do to deserve it?

3) Am I willing to do that?

With the right answers to this type of questions, each one of us should carry on with small or large actions that he has decided, to follow his way for being really a son of mother nature.

It’s simple: being or not a good son It depends only on you, if you really want to be…

There are no excuses, but … Do you want?

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