Next Saturday I’ll face a new challenge on an icy surface. It will be radical, it will extreme, It will be risky, It will be exciting… but at least I will not have to pull a 134kg sled, because I’ll drive a car in the "GSeries BPA " ice racing. 

I will participate in this round of the championship on ice with a double objective:

1) Experience the limit driving in the only surface where I have never driven a car in competition: The Ice.

2) (…and the most important one): We will study with Agustí Payà, the development of a future electric motor (and, therefore, much more sustainable) for the vehicle used in this championship.

Agustí Payà is a pilot and engineer fully dedicated to electric vehicles, being the champion of the Spanish Electroseries for the past two years.

Therefore, apart from the general race, we both will make a "Duelo", facing in different batches, and studying the behavior of the vehicle in such extreme conditions, to be able to adapt and optimize future electric version.

If anyone of you will be around Andorra on Saturday and wants to visit us enjoying an intense and spectacular show, we meet at "Grandvalira Circuit" from 12pm.

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