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We have become human beings capable of creating the best tools, methods, technology or systems to manage our society (the "how"), but we are proving unable to think and act strategically to our future as a society and as a planet (the "where to go")

Sometimes it seems that we have taken 14,000 million years to maximize our development as humans, but also to become a kind of enemy for the earth.

How is it possible that the same species who invented internet or penicillin, which can transplant a heart or a lung, that knows how to send a man to the moon or a probe beyond the solar system, which is able to write Hamlet or compose the Ode to Joy, that can run marathons in just over two hours or the 100 meters in under 10 seconds, doesn’t know how to better manage the resources for all humanity, or to understand that following this evolution line we will damage very quickly our natural habitat, source of our own life and that of many other species with which we share the planet?

Every time we know how to do more thinks, but we have increasingly less sustainable strategic vision of our future.

I like to study something time to time, as a way to retrain, improve skills and quench my curiosity and desire to learn. And I have wanted to take some new studies. I could have studied more management (and I have a career in economic and a MBA), I could have done a course in communication in social networks (very useful in the world in which I move), I could have studied philosophy or history (subjects that fascinate me), or I could have opted for any other option, but I had the feeling that this only would enrich me and only deepened in my "hows". So I ‘m so glad I enrolled in a course on "Sustainable Development" presented by Columbia University in New York and directed by renowned sustainability specialist Jeffrey D.Sachs.

My aim for the future, which I try to match with my commitment and then with my actions, is that all my entrepreneur or adventure activity is linked and focused on specific goals, for generation, promotion and communication, intended to bring a more sustainable attitude and results in our path to the future, both socially and, above all, the environment. I must continue to learn management techniques and also certain sport specializations in order to face new challenges, but that is easy if you first have clear where you need to go, not so much for me as an individual but as an inhabitant of a planet which we claim to love so much, but we mistreat more than we care it.

This is my modest but ambitious option, and from here I would like to invite entrepreneurs, executives, workers, politicians, doctors, journalists, artists, writers, researchers, athletes or any group of people, to continue developing their skills, but devoting effort, reflection and commitment in choosing the right rhumb for invest these capabilities both for its own profit and for the benefit of the rest of society and the natural environment.

As Jeffrey S.Dachs says, sustainable development is about to think and act on our human objectives.

Maybe at this moment we need less management and sustainability, because so much technology and management skills, we should serve more to protect and not to destroy our planet.

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