On February 15, I will face a new challenge on snow and ice: THE ICE ULTRA BEYOND ULTIMATE . An extreme Ultra Marathon held in Lapland, running for 230km. in 4 stages, which I will face as the first phase of preparation for my big goal: The NORTH POLE.

Only 32 participants we will be willing to try to overcome this radical test, which is performed in four stages of self-sufficiency: 46, 50, 44 and 90 km respectively. The entire route runs through snowy forests and frozen lakes of Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. Low temperatures that will reach up to -30°C, a complicated terrain which will force us to alternatively use crampons and snowshoes, the number of daily kilometers, and the few hours of daylight, will  make it really epic and exciting to overcome each journey.

In return, we will be able to enjoy running in complete freedom ion a pristine, absolutely spectacular, and declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO. A lonely place in regard to human beings, but very populous according to quite special animals such as reindeer, foxes, moose, grouse and some bears.

My main goal is to achieve the North Pole, making the whole crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Canada, and thus completing the whole project of the three poles of the earth: North Pole, South Pole and Everest.  But to prepare this great adventure we still need to close some key issues on the sponsorship side, which we expect to conclude in the coming months.  Our aim is to make the polar expedition between February and March 2015, and we still have much work to finance, to organize and to train it.  We understand this special challenge in Lapland as a first step in the preparation of the great goal, having scheduled at least two more trips in the Arctic in order to learn and to train the more technical parts needed to move and survive on the frozen ocean.

During the next days we will inform you of the preparations for the ICE ULTRA, and during the days of the ultra-race (15-16-17-18-19 February), we will try to update our progress through this website and social media.

Therefore, full of passion, with great respect and still with much work ahead, we headed to the North Pole, with a first station stop: LAPLAND.

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