Young People to Power

I am 47 years and I am passionate about today’s young people, and it is not because I want to feel young myself, as I am happy with my age and all the projects and hopes to have raised, making me feel right now younger than ever.

I am fortunate to live much with them doing sport activities, and also doing entrepreneur or associative projects in which I am involved. And I can confirm that it’s not true that they are not "hard workers" or "supeficials"; even less, they are much more committed than the "seniors" to certain fundamental values.. Obviously, at all times it has happened that there has been mediocre or very passive young people, and savvy people. This is also true now, but with the difference that there is much more conscious, active and tremendously alive young people than in previous generations.

The world today has many more problems than they all want to see and, above all, of what political and business leaders want to show.  But those who currently dominate the economic, political, cultural and media power, are people of older ages, which concentrate most of their effort to conceal, ignore, deny or disguise the global social and environmental problems we have. The generations that are now above 35 years have lived depleting resources and not having to worry at all about environmental issues, and now still strive to relativize or hide it. In contrast, younger generations have a major challenge ahead, because they will have to inevitably manage these huge changes derived from the waste of natural resources and a system of very short socially inclusive development .

The senior people has done many things wrong, but the young do not have to repeat these mistakes. The "Business as Usual" (Business as they always have been done) and "Living as Usual" (Live like it always has been lived), actually only applies to a few privileged unconscious group, but they are the great enemies of a more sustainable progress that we have to manage with much ambition, commitment and total urgency.

Let us realize that the existing formulas are actually falling, and that the best we can do is to break with the conservative way of looking at human evolution. We have spent a model and we are in a new era that cannot be led by those who are more focused on conserving and preserving the old, but those who are open and eager to meet the new, with a much more focused social and environmental management.

Current generations are our hope, and luckily, it appears that will cause a big change in the way we understand and lead the society. Politicians have to be aware of it, because very soon they will be evaluated for the real value they bring to society, and the answer given to the problems of the overall community, both in the short and long term.

As indicated by many studies, including the recent "Queen Sofía’s Center on adolescence and youth ", young people will be characterized by greater involvement in the collective level, being much more demanding to the common good, with the political regeneration, social and environmental values, and peaceful and passionate demonstrations.

In a time when the powers are trying to tune up four bad numbers made for patching the incredible mess in which we live, and in which many seniors try to believe it and think that everything will return to a normalcy that neither exists it’s not our interest; we just can hope to the enormous energy of today’s youth, which has much more to teach and to lead what that can be taught and led by the seniors.

Young People: Do not believe anything they will tell you those who just want to "continue" with the current situation, milking the cow until it is already dead and there is nothing to do.  Activate yourself individually and collectively, because only your energy, skills and values, can straighten the direction of a world that is sick, but still can be cured if those who have to live in it in the future realize it and get really committed in this change.

It’s time for Sustainable Future, and therefore it’s time for new generations. (Some) We trust you, and (Many) will fully support you!

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