SLED full of waste at SOUTH POLE

I am really happy to know that finally, the government of Nepal has taken a first and important step to preserve the environment from the most famous mountain in the world: the Mt.Everest.

Each climber must descend from the summit with 8kg. of garbage, previously leaving a warranty deposit of U.S.$ 4,000 for non-compliance.

I remember perfectly, and with great sadness, when I had to argue with some sherpas and many mountaineers because they didn’t want to recover and bring down their own waste (oxygen bottles, trash, etc …) from the south col (8.050m .), after summiting or attempting to summit Mt.Everest. Neither I was a super hero, because I was really busted, and I just carried down exactly what I brought up, not bringing extra trash, but I refused to fail to meet a minimum standard that always apply when I go to the mountain: do not leaving any waste generated by my activity on the environment.

When I did the integral trip of Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole, I was alone and it would have been very easy to avoid loading my 67 days garbage on my sled (Photo accompanying this post), leaving abandoned or buried in snow everything I didn’t need anymore. Really down there, there was nobody, and the chances of reaching to discover my shit were remote.

But I always posed the following question:

If you see someone somewhere pulling or leaving the waste on the floor, what do you think ? … He’s a pig, isn’t it?

So if you you’re somewhere without being seen by anyone, and you pull or leave your waste on the floor, no one will think you’re a pig, right?… Of course, if you do not get caught, no problem!… But what do you think of yourself if you think with a minimum of rigor?… you’re a fucking pig!

And even it is important what others think of you, there should be nothing worse in life than having intimate awareness and contrasted with yourself, about knowing that you are a pork, an irresponsible, someone who doesn’t care of the environment, an selfish bully who gives a fuck as it lies a place that he havs enjoyed, which is common, which is natural, which is or would be forced to be respected for everything it means.

This happens too often in races, trekking, camping, walking, going around the city, beaches (especially cigarette butts) , and in any activity in urban, natural or common environments… so the next time you’re outside the walls of your house, look at your behavior a little bit, and find out if you are or you’re not a PIG!!

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  1. Joel 10 March, 2014 at 17:07 - Reply

    Altres països ens porten molt avantatge en aquest tema. És una pena el que es veu a les ciutats… i al camp. I mira que portar-la al camp sovint requereix de vehicles, remolcs, etc. Som porcs individuals, però també membres d’autèntiques porcades (piaras en castellà, per a entendre’ns). Està bé el teu article perquè et centres en l’actitud individual que, al final, és la que més compta.

  2. Francesc Comellas 10 March, 2014 at 13:16 - Reply

    Es pot dir més alt Albert, però no més clar, hi ha una de porcs important, no entenc que la gent no tingui la conciencia de no deixar merda pels llocs que pasa, però que no veuem que inclús esteticament fa lleig, veure paper de plata, llaunes, borses de plàstic, etc per tot arreu. Posa malalt i es trist, quant els demès hem de recollir la seva merda.

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