Climate Change

This week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the UN, has published its report, with quite bad news.

The summary is simple: Things are going very bad, and much more rapidly than previously thought. Human action is the first cause. The consequences of this are already being felt in many parts of the world and can be catastrophic in the near future. And the consciousness of citizens and states, translated into action on a small scale (each person) and/or undertakings important compromises (governments and businesses), is very low and does not improve much over time .

It bothers me to find people of all types who still questions the "Climate Change". As if now the most important thing here was to decide in a complicated verdict both the exact causes, as the facts and the consequences of our impact on the planet.  Everything to justify the fact that the reality is that what happens outside of my little garden is not really of my concern, as I live well, and I do not have to deprive of anything, not having short-term consequences.

No matter if you call it or not climate change! You have to be stupid for not understanding that we are pushing the planet earth to a brutal stress, and since the early 20th century we have wiped out much of the natural capital that had been created over millions of years. And at current rates of consumption of resources and environmental abuse, we have planet for a short time.  Don’t try to understand the technical details of the phenomenon of global warming, and note the evidences that are impossible to ignore: Deforestation of tropical forests, acidification of the oceans, accelerated desertification, shrinking mountain glaciers and ice sheets in the polar zones, pollution of air and water, the annihilation of animal species, etc, etc, etc…. And all the consequences that are already behaving at the inhabitants of this world, or the predicted ones at short and long term for all human and other species inhabitants of this planet.

Therefore, the question is not whether this is true or not the climate change. Let everyone think what he wants (although it’s not too hard to understand). Even the question is not how this can affect humanity in general, because it seems that a large majority of people only love others from the words and not from the facts; and in the background, despite always expressing themselves as "human beings" they don’t really care about humanity, and what may happen to those directly affected by the serious deterioration of the natural environment while they go not dotted. The question is whether we are aware of the environmental problems we are causing, and the problems that will affect to each of us directly, and the disaster situation that we will leave to our children and grandchildren?

There is certainly an optimistic current which believes that we will be able to develop powerful enough technologies to resolve all this climate and environmental disaster. I am also optimistic and I agree with this confidence, but it doesn’t mean that we do not have to give up with this attitude extremely short-sighted and selfish, without taking responsibility for our current actions already affecting millions of people worldwide, and also, and not least, many other species or natural habitats, which also deserve our respect and protection.

This is like one being diagnosed with a disease that behave quite short-term physical problems, but eventually would be very complicated to severe illness in the future, with the aggravating circumstance that the degree of evolution would not stop in our person, but we would leave a legacy to our children, and they will continue to develop the disease from the point of gravity that we have left them, and so on with their children. We could do as if it was not important, just solving the moment pain with some pills, and wait for some scientist to invent a magic medicine that heal us and future generations. But this would be a "bastard optimism" because we would be delegating the full responsibility for the problems of our body (where we are living), and the problems of the next generations bodies, to an uncertain and unknown technological advancement, while we would not do anything to stop the disease and to be able to feel proud to have done everything in our hand to fight this lethal virus.

Today there is no natural ignorance.  If we ignore is because we choose it. Therefore we are all responsible for what we do to improve the dismal prognosis of health of our wonderful and delicate planet where we live. If you do not it for the environment, for the other species or other human beings, at least, do it for your children.

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