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My journey from Antarctica to ‘La Mola’

One year ago, I was proposed to be the ‘mentor’ "ARC" project, at the Terrassa School "Practical Culture" , which aims to implement at both the operational structure and educational level , three key concepts : Appreciation , Resilience and Cohabitation.

When they explained me the project, I was pleasantly surprised:  that was a school clearly betting on innovation on organizational change and the transformation of the educational model . Focusing in three key factors when for leading their life, and their present and future projects.

The ARC project is based on these three key factors in the education of children and young people to asume leadership responsibility for their future life:

– "A" APPRECIATION : Appreciating means "educating" our look around us to see the positive things , our strengths and potentials . Thus, strategies have been introduced at all levels of the school to value this ‘assessment’ of the good stuff.

– "R" RESILIENCE : The ability to overcome difficulties and emerge stronger and transformed. The key is the last part of the definition: ‘strengthened and transformed’.  These two elements give full sense to resilience.  Overcoming obstacles helps us to be stronger.

– "C" of COHABITATION:  The art of harmonizing the differences.  In one school, which is the base camp for children, and young people , learning to live, to relate and to become persons; internalizing the value of accepting each other, the value of dialogue, affection, belonging, commitment, respect, etc … all vital points for the present and for the future.

This educational project, and this school in particular has the purpose to be a place of happiness for all those who attend and works here.  And I can see it being real in the face of students and teachers.

It has made me especially happy that the school has chosen my book "Living to feel alive " as one of the course readings, in order to study and work these factors discussed from a case study featuring a normal and close person.

On April 11 I accompanied more than 700 kids, youth and adults (teachers, school staff , parents) to climb to the top of "La Mola" to walk in global 2,304,400 steps, not to reach the South Pole in this case, but to reach their challenges, to make their summit, and experience how they can achieve and lead their goals using the skills and attitudes of appreciation, resilience and cohabitation.

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