There are words or expressions that we take for good automatically, without thinking well in their real sense, and that can make us prisoners of that meaning, which can affect our attitude without realizing it. One of those is, from my point of view, the "Common Sense".

It’s good to have some ‘Common Sense’, to implement normal solutions, natural or habitual decisions based on what is common in society; so we can change things according to what is expected of us, which is apparently good for the community, and which will cause less stress on rejection on our environment. But if we always apply common sense, we are always doing what is normal, which seems more natural, what has been usual, and what is planned or expected from us; and this is terrible. In common sense there is the point of confluence of the general thinking, but there can also be the mediocrity.

Using always common sense, logic thinking or what is usual, we would never innovate, never create anything new, never challenging in a priori impossible projects, never will question a certain reality. Scan all important things people have done in the history of mankind, and see that they had never done it applying common sense. Being a person that moves continuously from common sense, you have the risk of becoming "Just another brick in the wall" (according to Pink Floyd group expression in "The Wall" album)

Living in society requires a certain amount of "Common Sense," but just the right one to participate in the portion of common interest without harming the others; but we have to use it carefully, because in order to be able to add value to the society in which we live, to be creative, and to develop and evolve as human being, we need to know how to get away quite often from this media meaning, almost neutral or even limiter, called ‘Common Sense’

To do powerful things in life, whether it’s for yourself and for others, let’s move just at the right point of common sense, let us dare to leave the beaten path, taking the path less traveled in order to discover new situations really intense, innovative, with some risk, but also with many opportunities.

From here, and as always, the decision about how to act is always in your hands … but let me just suggest you a simple tip: do not take this decision on the basis of common sense.

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