Our evolution as human beings have drifted us away from nature, making us living almost back to her.

The development of society and technology acceleration has taken us very far toward habits of all that relates to the natural cycles and biodiversity.

Show five consumer products to a child, and surely he will know almost all the brands. But show him five trees in the area where you live, and probably he will not know a single one.

We run the serious risk of believe we are the absolute dominators of nature, thinking that it is she who is always at our service, and requires no special care or respect from us.  Thing normally work, and we are not aware that we may be running out or damaging the original source of everything. When we open the tap water flows; when we activate the light switch it turns on; when we stop at a gas station there is always fuel; and when we go to the supermarket, is really full of all kinds of food. Why we should worry about anything else? We are only obsessed in having a job (very important), to purchase all that brings us wellbeing; and when we have what we need, we don’t care about anything else.

But if we really want meriting the title of the most intelligent animals on the planet, we have to demonstrate that we are capable of living with all the amenities we need, but always with a sustainable balance to the natural environment.

The mountains are not just there for making good pictures and enjoy activities. The beaches and seas are not there just to go sunbathing and swimming.

When you love something or someone, you do not abuse from it, and you will always want the best, respecting it the maximum and committing to not damaging it at all.

We often say we love nature, but really just enjoy and took advantage of it. Therefore we must promote an attitude of respect and commitment for not living away from nature, or think that we must only exploit it.

This is living close to the natural environment. This is true love. And this is really being an intelligent human being.

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