We live in a society where there are many experts in certain things, and they know absolutely everything about what they say, except on small detail: Doing it!

We need people thinking a lot, and people who speak or communicate much about these thoughts, especially if they are for the good of society in general. But in the end, what will count is what is done, what is put into practice, what becomes real action. At the end of the day, is what will have a real impact on reality, either to make it worse or better.

Defending any cause or concept is much easier from the comfortable position of just talking, writing, making noise in networks or media. What is really hard is making real things and, above all, making them in line with the values and commitments to that cause or concept.

Being pure and perfect when you move only in theory is easy. But trying to do things well and tend to a steady improvement when moving in the plane of the real action, is a big challenge.

Therefore we see so many coaches who can speak much, but his life is a mess. Many speakers who make great lectures, but they are far away in his real life to be consistent with what they say. Many commentators who engage only that, to review and make gatherings, but do not apply anything to the reality beyond wound on issues. Many theorists who talk about things that have studied with great accuracy of data, but that have never applied at all. So many passionate whiners, they claim about everything, but they add nothing really tangible to society.

On the contrary, there are many people trying to do things, actually applying the values they believe correct for the good of society, while also pursuing their goals, whether in business, social, political, sporting or cultural world.

These are the real conscious and responsible leaders. They are brave by assuming a commitment to society and the environment beyond its own purpose. Brave by incorporating it into their daily lives. And brave because they know that doing it they will be exposed to criticism, often fierce, from which will accuse them of inconsistent for not doing everything absolutely perfect.

An example: I work a lot the concept of sustainable business, and I am very happy when I see that an entrepreneur gradually incorporates an awareness and social and environmental commitment in its mission and in the daily life of the organization. Then I dislike when people criticize him because he’s only doing well 30 or 40%, leaving 60% to become perfect. And this is unfair. We cannot criticize a business leader when gets committed to gradually improve the world through their work, which is absolutely necessary for society, just because he is not doing all the rest perfect at once. It is much easier for him (and that’s the majority) to decide to do nothing, because it will be much more consistent with their social and environmental values, as these will be void. If those who believe that the world should be more responsible in all ways, criticize those who really are agents of change because they are those who really "Do" things, we’ll never beat it. What we must do is to give all possible support, while we encourage and help them to continue improving, and increasing  the degree of social and environmental responsibility included in his business.

We have just presented a project to make the Dakar rallye with a 100% electric car. The first time in history that the hardest motor race in the world is done without taking a single liter of gasoline on the car. I’ve been working in this project, based on my absolute commitment to improving the environment as a priority in my professional and/or adventure activity. I’m sure many people will criticize us for all environmental deficiencies of the project, regardless who have been brave to make a topic far beyond saving CO2 itself, it aims to use a media platform such as Dakar, to provoke a debate on sustainable mobility in the future, and the environmental values that we apply in all our activities in any field. We are not perfect, we are not pure, we are not the most sustainable in the world; but we are at the front line of the automotive world in general and motor racing in particular, as an attitude, as an example, as discourse and values on sustainability and commitment to the planet. Criticisms are welcome, especially if they are constructive; but much more welcome are the supports for that from adventures, that aim to create debates and remove consciences in order to make our world every day (and if possible very quickly), a little more sustainable.

Think, feel, speak, communicate … but mostly, DO!

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