Everest - Hillary Step

I stepped on top of the world on May 17, 2010.

In the picture when we were overcoming the last major obstacle, the "Hillary Step"

I was expecting a happy anniversary, but it can not be worst due to the enormous suffering at the moment for the Nepalese people… (To them all my love and solidarity, and all the help I could contribute, and I ask you also to contribute by way it will be more convenient for you).

Being on the highest point of our planet can serve to feed our ego, or to review our vision of everything we have there, under our feet.

My main further thought after climbing  Mt.Everest is that nature is not a resource at my service, and at the service of rest of humans… we are just part of it, we are one moreover, and we must live in harmony with it, with respect, with love, and always at his service.

A trip always has to shock you; if not, you have not taken advantage and have not learned anything.  And a trip to the top of the world has to impact you more.

No doubt that my life changed on May 17, 2010. That day I was given chance … the understanding that, in reality, there is no barrier and no hierarchy between humans and other creatures, between humans and nature .

At the summit of Everest I didn’t conquer anything; I just discovered the awareness that in order to achieve your goal you must be strong; but the real courage is demonstrated when you achieve your goal creating a positive impact on others, in the society and in nature.

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