Protesting is easy

Proposing is harder

Acting is what brings real value

And from now on, thanks to "GREEN KM – KM VERDES " I will be 100% zero emission in all my adventures.

Some time ago, I decided that all my challenges would have a real commitment to sustainability and attitudes of respect and environmental improvement for the present and the future of the planet.

I took the compromise that my activities would be related and focused on this concept and commitment and, of course, had to be sports/adventures that would not generate CO2 emissions, the leading cause of global warming.

When I am climbing, cycling, running, skiing, paddling or trekking, I’m being completely CO2 neutral. Even when I participated in the last Dakar rally, I did it in the first car in history not carrying fuel (100% electric) to participate in the toughest motor race in the world.

But the problem is that for moving to these "Zero Emissions" activities, we have to use a transport and logistics that, at this time, still cannot be completely ecologic, and therefore pollutes and contributes to global warming.

So I just made a sponsorship/collaboration agreement with the "KM VERDES" (Green KM) project, through which I will act as their ambassador, and they will compensate me all my CO2 emissions both in my adventures and journeys for my trainings or other activities.

My priority is that the adventure/sport activities are the most environmentally efficient and CO2 neutral, but where we do not reach this purpose, it always will be compensated and properly certified by planting trees for "KM VERDES", in collaboration with prestigious entities as "CeroCO2 " and "ECODES "

With this initiative, in addition to protesting and proposing, I’m acting… and I encourage all athletes, sport people, and nature lovers, to seek similar solutions, because all who love and are in contact with the environment, we should be the first to commit to its preservation, both to keep it healthy, and to invest in a better quality of life for all of us now and in the future.

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