We do not live only from great adventures… and this week we’ll make a great one, easy to organize, near home, but also special and intense: The full tour to Menorca Island paddling with kayak.

We’ll do it with my fellow sufferer David Lopez Vergaguer, in 6, 7 or 8 stages, depending on the sea state. The goal is not to go fast, but rather the contrary, because the kayak is the boat that can best approach the coast, and we want to discover all the beaches, caves and interesting corners of this particular island. In total there will be about 220 km, dividing each stage into two parts: Morning Stretch, long midday break, taking advantage to eat and rest; and long stretch in the afternoon. Every day we’ll stay in nearly unspoilt beaches, making a bivouac and enjoying the magnificent sunsets and sunrises. A few days of full contact with nature through a fully sustainable sport activity.

We will use this journey to communicate the project "Green Kilometers" of which I am an ambassador, that allows me to be completely neutral in CO2 emissions. Obviously my sports are already Zero Emissions because I never use fuel: Climbing, Running, biking, kayaking, Skimo, Canyoning, etc… even I did the Dakar Rally with a 100% electric car. But the logistics around these adventures may not be fully sustainable at this moment, and therefore "Green Kilometers" I will compensate my CO2 emissions of all my activities, investing in tree planting and certifying it through the entities CeroCO2 and ECODES. Specifically in this little adventure, we will compensate 66 Kg of CO2 between the boat and the car.

You can follow every day the way we are doing by RACETRACKER in this website, and every day will inform everything we can right here, on Facebook (AlbertBoschEspiritudeAventura), Twitter (Albert_Bosch) or Instagram (AlbertBosch_)

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