After two months concentrated writing the new book, I will escape  several days clear my mind the way I like best: making a little adventure in total contact with nature.

Starting Monday April 5th I’ll kayak 4 intense stages by the Catalan part of the Ebro River.  Beginning in Riba-Roja and ending at the sea, and while passing through any corner, island or interesting place during descent. I’ll cross Riba-Roja, Flix, Mora d’Ebre, Ginestar, Miravet Benifallet, Xerta, Aldover, Tortosa, Campedró, Amposta, Deltebre, Buda Island, and finally the Mediterranean.

It will be another CO2 neutral adventure, with the suppor of the KILÓMETROS VERDES program of emissions compensation on the annex transport for the activity

I’llgo alone, and so I’ll have the opportunity to make an intense session of "mindfulness" at my way.  Living and seeing the world from a river, provides another view of reality that I hope to share with you along next days.

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  1. Francesc Comellas 4 October, 2015 at 21:34 - Reply

    Que bé Albert, et veig molt enganxat al kayak, alguna de grossa deus voler fer, ja ens ho explicaràs, jejeje, que en gaudeixis molt

  2. Joel 4 October, 2015 at 19:46 - Reply

    Enveja de la sana… fa 20 anys ens vam emportar un grup de joves a baixar en balsa un pantà prop del Pirineu… va ser una setmana inoblidable per tots… la pau i la natura en la seva màxima expressió… això, sí, de mindfulness res de res… estaven tots com cabres, potser nosaltres també.

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