Sunset at Deltebre

Reaching Deltebre

Amposta Bridge

Assut's rock

Assut's rock (after descending)

Mora d'Ebre bridge

Xerta's port

Fisher's boats at Xerta

Riba-Roja's port (Starting point)

Reaching Miravet

Exploring does’t men always discovering new worlds, but can also involve discovering new perspectives on our own world.

Download it paddled by the largest river in the Spanish state, alone, with a fully sustainable and peaceful means such as Kayak, and at a time when no one, is a totally inspiring activity that brings a totally different view of our own reality.

We usually travel and move through life, seeing only the obvious, what is normal and more affordable for all.  But doing a completely different activity, apart from the sporting side (in this case has been more demanding than it may seem), lets you see some things that are part of our society and environment, but we don’t normally see.

The villages of the riverbank: Riba-Roja, Flix, Ascó, Garcia, Mora d’Ebre, Ginestar, Miravet, Benifallet, Xerta, Aldover, Tortosa, Campedró, Amposta and  Deltebre.

A special wildlife and some surprisingly very beautiful unspoilt corners: Beanta island, Pass de l’ase, Xano island, Lo molló, Masdeus canyon, Rocks besaculs, Barrufemes Pass, the whole mouth of the river to the Mediterranean sea, or  Buda Island and irrigation canals of rice fields

Curious, beautiful and useful constructions of men: Miravet Castle, Tortosa Cathedral (which now can be seen from the river), the Assut dam and the lock, boat systems to move from side to side of the river, etc.

And some important injuries caused by the human development, both in the river and its surroundings, such as the Flix chemical complex (with closed tight, theoretically they have done it to isolate the whole area which has been polluted with impunity for years), or Ascó nuclear power plant (it’s scary just thinking about what would happen in nature and men life if there’s any error).

Overall it is a really interesting trip, physically and economically affordable if it’s done at the pace and with daily distances according to each level, and it is very authentic in any way.

My itinerary was as follows:

– Day 1: Riba-Roja – Mora d’Ebre. 39km.

– Day 2: Mora d’Ebre – Xerta. 36,5Km.

– Day 3: Xerta – Deltebre. 41Km.

– Day 4: Deltebre – Mar – Return Illa Buddha. 25,5Km.

Thanks to the people of Beniemociones (for the transfer the departure point), and "Kilómetros Verdes" (to offset all CO2 emitted in car trips going to the river).

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