SB London'15

SB London'15

On Monday 16th I will have the honor of participating as a speaker at the "London Sustainable Brands"; a major event about sustainability related to companies, where I will talk as an ambassador committed with nature, both from the point of view of adventure, entrepreneurship and communication strategies or brand positioning.

We have many ideas, ideologies, religions and philosophies (and for me a very important one is the preservation of the environment).  But ultimately, these convictions have to be grounded in reality and implemented if we want them to have any effect. And the daily reality consists not only of great promises and great events, but our habits and our social and economic system. Therefore I am convinced that, although the current capitalist system is extremely imperfect and would be great to find a new or more developed one, it has also brought us great welfare and freedom.  But we are now at a tipping point in many ways, both not only social, but above all environmental, which has at last, strong impact on society both in the short and long term. It would be nice and do not have to give up thinking to formulate innovative solutions that may lead to more sustainable systems, but in the meantime, it would be foolish not to try to build on the system we already have, and which may be perfectly useful in many ways.

The current economic and business system is one of the major players in our society, depending on how it is managed, can create a tremendously negative or wonderfully positive impact. But after all, companies and brands are the only tools that will focus in one way or another depending on the values applied by the people who have ability to influence them.  And these people are not only partners or managers of the companies, but also all employees or partners and, above all, consumers who, ultimately, will vote whether to approve their behavior by buying or not buying their products or services with your appropriate price and functionality, but also with all the good and bad values ​​incorporated.

Brands committed to a more sustainable future can be a great Change Agent in our society.  And consumers committed to a more sustainable future, can act as judges and guides for it.  Brands have great power to do good, and therefore they need both the lobbyists and the corresponding ideological deployment, and citizens who really value this approach for their own personal good, and for the collective good of society and environment.

Brands increasingly aware of this need, and a lot of them are ready to assume their responsibility on this issue, which can also be a competitive advantage for the companies; and this can be a big paradigm shift for the great challenges that threaten the planet.

As citizens, each of us must demand and press for this to happen, but above all we must also assume our share of work since at the end of the day, every business process ends in our free personal decision to purchase; and if at that moment we validate or dismiss a brand for good or bad management of sustainability, we will radically contribute to lead the world towards a better tomorrow.

We all have a duty to make our lives and our system to be sustainable; otherwise this would mean that it’s simply UNSUSTAINABLE!

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