Coast to Coast

Running one of the European most classic walking trips is a very special challenge. This week we will cross England from west to east, starting in St.Bees (Ireland sea) and finishing at Robin Hood’s Bay (Northern sea), crossing 3 National parks rich in history, wildlife and landscape.

During 330Km., we will run through six regions of northern England, just under Scotland: The Cumbria coastal rim (with the spectaculars high sea cliffs); the Lake District National Park; the Limestone plateau; the Northern Yorkshire Dales; the Pennines; and the North York Moors. An amazing area of hills, rivers, farming county side, single tracks and small old villages. Sometimes doing little and interesting adventures doesn’t require travelling to remote regions.

We want to do all the trip in six or seven days, depending on the weather, which is normally quite bad at this time of the year. The forecast is rain and cold, typical from England in November. Maybe it’s not the best period do run the Coast to Coast, but like this it will be more authentic, lonely and epic.

At the end I will summarize the challenge in this website, and during the trip, you can follow it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Ready to Gooooooo!!!!

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