This week is taking place the PARIS COP 21 summit; the most important summit on climate change in history.  What will be decided there can radically affect our future and that of future generations.

There is still time to act, but we must be strong, work together and adopt a serious, immediate and far-reaching commitments… but, do you believe we’ll be able?

The problem of climate change is one of the greatest threats fort the world in general and for the human species in particular, but the effects are not noticeable every day, and it does not affect the more developed countries, and it is never considered a priority by leaders or citizens. Then there is an army of skeptics or deniers, who are full of arguments generously supplied by the oil lobbies, because it is much more comfortable and convenient for them to live selfishly and forgotting about being busy and concerned about global issues.

But we should think that even though we do not believe the whole problem of climate change; although only assign it a 50% chance to exist, the issue is so serious, so common and so related to all other variables in sustaining life on earth, that it will always be important to act responsibly. Adopting an attitude of commitment and respect for natural resources and biodiversity can only be beneficial for life on earth.  Do we really want to be so stupid to think only what suits us individually and in the short term?

During these days we see and hear many people and organizations using the sustainable label or being committed to the COP 21, but most of them really don’t care at all, they use it only as marketing and image operation, they lead a life totally contradictory with sustainability, and they don’t really take any steps to bring real improvements in their daily activity.

We have a serious problem and we don’t have the global awareness and commitment needed. But either way, it is worth continuing pressing, demanding and, above all, acting so that we can solve or alleviate this crisis, and the related crisis to the impact of man on nature and resources.

Ask yourself how you think the world will look like in twenty or thirty years: Better than today or worse than today?… And when you have answered this question, make you the really important question: What am I doing for the world to be better in twenty or thirty years?

Fingers crossed for the Paris summit, and continuing acting every day so we can continue to aspiring to feel worthy of being human.

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