When the new year arrives, we always make a list of good wishes that is fine (and needed, of course), but overall, other than what affects us individually and in our surroundings, the world doesn’t care of it.

Losing weight, improving our health, changing our job, studying a new language, doing new adventure or whatever, is part of our roadmap that we should scroll and build.  But in the key moment in history we are living, it’s essential that we pursue our goals, but always taking responsibility for the impact that we provoke in society and the environment. Nothing is neutral, and everything has an impact beyond what we seek for ourselves, and this effect can be positive or negative; and we always have to choose which side we want to be.

With the information we have today, who do not choose to make a positive impact on the planet, is guilty. Ignorance cannot be an excuse, as there is a full understanding and disclosure of the major challenges we face.  Who wants to ignore this information, is because he has decided it, for selfishness or because it is easier to live thinking that global challenges are just a matter of world leaders. Each of us has an enormous responsibility in their day to day life, and each of us can bring some part of the solution to the world, to create a better future for humanity and the planet.

On January 1st. starts the Sustainable Development Agenda, approved in September by the 193 UN member states, and that during the next 15 years will set the standard for building a more just and environmentally friendly world.

This agenda consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said should be a shared vision of all humanity, and serve as a social contract between world leaders and people: 1) End of poverty, 2) Zero Hunger, 3) Health & Wellness i, 4) Quality Education; 5) Gender equality 6) Clean water and sanitation, 7) Affordable clean energy, 8) Decent Work and economic growth, 9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure, 10) Reducing inequalities, 11) Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12) Production and responsible consumption, 13) Climate Action, 14) Underwater life, 15) Life terrestrial ecosystems, 16) Peace, Justice and solid institutions, and 17) Partnerships to achieve the objectives.

For sure I will not solve everything, but I do not want the future to be built without me. I do not want to delegate responsibility to a sustainable future only in political or economic leaders, and devote myself to criticize and demand from the sofa. I do not want the bad conscience of having been able to bring positive things without giving up my goals in life, just considering how it affected other people and the environment with my actions. I do not want that next year or the next years, my lifestyle will help to make a world “UNSUSTAINABLE”.

Therefore, this year, it has been easy for me to make a list of purposes for 2016. I simply will do all my activities in connection and commitment to the 17 SDG. Is not that difficult; and above all I will have to filter every action I do, however small, with the parameters of these 17 key points.

I know I will not get 100% success. But I will never have been so valuable to know that the maximum percentage that I can achieve, my life and my dreams are beside of a better future for all.

And you, what are your plans regarding the impact of your goals?

Have a happy and sustainable 2016

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