New Book

New Book

My new book is already in bookstores: "THE FUTURE EXPLORER" (Only in Spanish at the moment)

It’s a deep reflection about the key trends and attitudes needed to lead the future, based on the metaphor and analogy of the Explorer, as character who was willing to venture into lands that had never been discovered and mapped, knowing that there were many risks and uncertainties, but also many opportunities, new knowledge and intense experiences. And this is the future: a white piece of paper that we have to discover and build in the most responsible possible way, with a realistic and prudent attitude, but also passionate and positive.

In a world of radical and exponential changes that we will live, it will be no longer possible that a few will explore and exploit and the other will use the marked trails, because when they will arrive there, the track will no longer exist. Each of us must take a more exploratory attitude and dare to star in the extreme, complex, uncertain and risky expedition; but also exciting and full of opportunities, that lead us to discover and build a map of our future.

In the book I used my knowledge in project leadership, my passion for the future and exploration, and my extensive experience in extreme adventures in which the management of uncertainty, risk and change is constant, in order to analyze some key trends, with the aim of provoking an intense reflection on the reader, while indicating some possible guidelines to take the necessary attitudes.

Some will live the future with fear, resignation and victimization; and others with a positive, curious and responsible attitude. Some will be just protecting themselves, and others explore will explore passionately. And you have to decide which side you want to be.

I invite you to read it, enjoy it and prepare yourself for an intense ‘Mind-Shaking’. I do not pretend that the reader will agree with my approach, but I aspire to provoke a lot of questions on some key points for our life and the life of all humanity. How it will be the future? How do we want the future to be? How we need the future to be? What role will each of us play in the future?

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