New Book
New Book

My new book “THE FUTURE EXPLORER”, is already out (only in Spanish at the moment)… In it I review the key trends and attitudes to lead the future.

It is a book to understand and reflect deeply on some issues that will affect us radically at a personal and social level.  It’s not a text to provide magic formulas for success in five steps. I invite you to read it carefully and open-minded, but will highlight 7 key points that will determine our exploring attitude towards future:

1) FROM EFFORT TO VALUE CONTRIBUTION: Up to now effort was the key factor and used to have a prize.  Now the effort is a bare minimum, and the key factor is the value you add with it. Life is not a marathon, but an adventure.

2) EXPLORER ATTITUDE: We have to understand that we are going towards a increasingly complex, uncertain and changing world. We must learn to be comfortable in this situation, and decide whether we want to live this challenge with an attitude of fear, extreme protection and negative energy; or hope, courage and being positive.

3) LEARNING TO LEARN: In a changing world, we must be constantly reviewing our skills and competencies to advance. We also have to unlearn many things that can disturb or block us. And we must be willing to start walking into a new situation not yet having the necessary skills, learning to cash them during the march.

4) WE ARE THE OWNERS OF OUR WORK: The world of work as we understand it, will change radically. We must lead our professional development by adapting and reinventing ourselves, depending on the best way to add value, and the best way that we can assess and create demand for our input.

5) ATTRACTIVE PROJECTS: To dedicate our talent and effort, and to attract more talent and effort contribution, our projects should be interesting, exciting and valuable for participants, for the rest of society and for the planet.  Earning money is a priority, but if it’s done in an environment that does not allow you to be happy, or is creating a negative impact on the rest of the world, it will end as failure … the worst failure. This has to be the basis for successful organizations of the future.

6) HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: For the first time since we became Homo sapiens, we are about to experience a radical evolution of our own body and our mental capacities. That fact will provide enormous opportunities and great threats, and we have to know how to manage it successfully.

7) THE ERA OF RESPONSABILITY: Everything we do today, in our daily activity, has an immense impact on our personal lives and throughout the world. We must not get carried away and we must assume a huge responsibility as individuals and as a society. Our power will be great for good or evil, and we have to choose how we use it

Choose the right course for your future, and enjoy the way …

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