This week I’ll go to northern Finnish Lapland in the Arctic Circle, in order to cross Lake Inari alone; the most boreal and closer to the icecap in Europe.

On Friday 4/03 I’ll fly to IVALO via Helsinki, spending one day there getting everything ready to start the journey on Sunday 6th, if conditions permit. Altogether I must complete around 145Km to reach Sevettijärvi, where I will find again a population, from which I can find transport back to Ivalo.

Depending on the terrain and weather conditions, I estimate between 5 and 7 days to complete the trip.  But I don’t care too much about the chronometer, because what I want is to use the trip, both for personal experience and the sports side, but specially to observe and communicate all the values ​​of natural environment where I’ll pass; while spreading the positive and negative points of the specific environments in relation to human activity, in order to spread knowledge and responsible attitude towards the environment.

The expedition will be in total self-sufficiency and 100% solo. During those days is not expected to meet anyone, although I’ll have the great opportunity to share space with many animals and spectacular forests, since the lake is full of islands that I’ll across.

The material I will take will be very similar to that used for the Antarctica Integral trip. I’ll use the same Cross Country skis, although I’ll pull a smaller sled because I don’t as many food or material. A curiosity is that I’ll carry an essential thing that was not necessary at all in the South Pole: ​​A head lamp. There was always in day light, but here the day light is very short (approximately will last between 7h30 and 17h), and nights are very long.

In this time of year and in that latitude, I have a 90% chance of seeing northern lights, which I hope to share with you with images that I will publish in the blog and in the different networks, during and after the adventure.

This adventure will be the first of a series of the WORLD NATURE EXPLORING we created with WORLD NATURE conservation foundation, with the aim of exploring a new look of natural areas. An adventurous, holistic, conscious and committed view on biodiversity and the environment, in order to go beyond the purely sporting and/or competitive that use to be the priority in most extreme activities in the nature.

From next Friday you can follow the adventure and visions of the nature that this will offer to us in this website, as well of one specific for the project World Nature Exploring .

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